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The history of Agri Products and its owner starts back in 2001, A year of transition for the Rutter family. Jim (James Michael Rutter) and Laura (Laura Joan Rutter) moved from Texas northward to Ardmore, Oklahoma. They came here and adopted Agri Products, a small feed and agriculture store. Jim and Laura were well established within the community quickly and began to build strong relations with their customers, family, and friends here in Ardmore. Not long after Scott (son-in-law) and Michelle (daughter of Jim and Laura) would also move to Ardmore along with their 3 children: Alyssa, Evan, and John. Scott would integrate into the company quickly and with Scott’s mechanical capabilities and Jim’s agricultural knowledge they would soon expand the services that Agri Products would provide. They would build the company through the years to build what Agri Products is today. To current, Scott is the primary of Agri Products and spearheads the most skillful and knowledgeable small engine shop in Southern Oklahoma. Jim is the most knowledgeable senior salesman of our top brands ensuring our customers get the most for the best price. At Agri Products we host some of the most talented people that work within our field! Josh Buchanon is Agri Products’ go to for our customers and the senior of our storefront operations. Eric Patton is one of the best technicians and most skillful workers in the mechanics industry, and is the shop leader of Agri Products assuring quality and performance. Criag McCall is Agri Products’ senior over its vital warehouse operations and has been overseeing quality to our agricultural customers for over 18 years at Agri Products. Agri Products is extremely proud of all of its exceptional employees and workers who help to bring the best service possible! At Agri Products we aspire to bring you the best no matter what, we will bring solutions among problems to help you stay a loft with your work and livelihoods! We are committed to our Families and our Faith to our Lord Jesus. We lead a legacy of integrity and productivity to our community and friends. Importantly Agri Products thanks you, our most valuable we love you and appreciate your business. Agri Products is honored to be “Your Solution Store.”